Mineral Wells High School

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CTE Projects in Progress-Computer Science Principles Class

Students are working on a project to get an image of a face and super-impose other images onto the eyes of the original image. This is being done by programming in Python. Although the result is the same as using Photoshop, it is a much more difficult process. Students must find the images, store the images, create the code that opens the image files and pastes the other images in the correct location after resizing the images to be pasted. On the display is the example output. There is one output with four images. On the left is the original unaltered image. The middle two images are the ones to be resized and pasted onto the left image. On the right is a coded zoom on just the eyes with the super-imposed images.

Picture 1: Shown in top row is junior Agustin Andrade; second row is sophomore Andrew Huff and freshman Brady Owens. You can see on Andrew’s computer his current output a girl with close-up of her eyes. He is pasting an image of the earth on her eyes (if you zoom in real close, you can see has an earth in the tear-duct of the girl’s right eye and the earth is placed directly on the iris of her left eye. On Brady’s computer, you can see the python code editor with code.

Picture 2: Shown on left is junior Agustin Andrade and on right senior Wesley Monk. On Wesley’s computer, you can see the python code editor on the left side of his screen and his output window on the right.

Picture 3: Shown are senior Oscar Monzon, freshman Tjorve Schauer and freshman Montgomery Maloney.