Baseball » Baseball Protocols for the 2020-21 School Year

Baseball Protocols for the 2020-21 School Year

-Requirement for High School baseball players: eye, mouth and hand protection (Sunglasses, Mask and Batting Gloves)

-Temperature checks will be done before any practice

-JV and Varsity teams will practice separately (less than 20)

-JV and Varsity teams will lift separately

-When in the High School locker room, athletes will have mandatory showers prior to leaving for class or home and Hand sanitizing upon exit. (All verified by Coaches)

-Locker room at Pratt field must have hand sanitizing before leaving. (All verified by Coaches)

-Prior to using equipment for practice (weights, ball, bat, etc…), each athlete will sanitize their hands -In case of infection, Varsity roster will increase in size and absorb players.

-Logistics of locker room will be evaluated to keep social distancing protocols

-Varsity and JV will travel separately to away games and wear Personal Protective Equipment while traveling on the bus.

-All JV and Varsity athletes will be allowed to ride home with their parents after away games

-Masks must always be worn the entire practice to avoid close contact  

`-If equipment is shared, it will be disinfected before the next player use regardless if in game or practice.

- Zoom meetings will replace in person events for parent communication unless it is a confidential meeting then social distancing protocols will be put in place for an in-person meeting

-Distance learners in Baseball will need to understand that multiple times throughout the day they must report to athletics. 

-A Baseball only player in off-season regardless if in-person or a distance learner will report Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:45 AM to be ready to go for Strength and Conditioning to start at 7 AM this is mandatory.

-Basketball/Baseball players in off-season will report Monday and Thursday at 6:45 AM to be ready for Strength and Conditioning to start at 7 AM this is mandatory.

-Football/Baseball players during football season will have open field Thursday morning from 7 AM to 8 AM

-Basketball/Baseball players during season will have open field Monday and Thursday from 4:15 PM to 5:15 PM

-The athletic period every day for all baseball players distance learner or not is mandatory or be counted absent.

-When seasons change Strength and Conditioning times will change as well.

-In season a varsity player will report three days a week for early work, film and scouting reports.

- In season practice will begin promptly at 4:15 PM

- If an athlete has an injury, they are to report to the training room by 7:45 each morning for treatment or rehab in order to be physically able to practice or play with an injury.