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Bonne Stroman » Meet Bonne Stroman!

Meet Bonne Stroman!

Bonne Stroman

Roots:  My roots grow from three generations of South Texas ranching families. As a child I loved riding horses and reading, and I loved going to school. I made my younger sister play school with me after I came home each day.  I was always the teacher.


Trunk: After high school, I attended Trinity University in San Antonio for two years, then married and moved to Norfolk, Virginia, where my husband was stationed in the Navy.  I received my Bachelor’s degree from Old Dominion University and taught two years in Virginia.  I later received my Masters degree from Texas A&I in Kingsville, Texas.


Leaves:  After the Navy, my husband accepted a teaching position with the Department of Defense Dependent Schools, and for the next nine years, we taught in Mannheim, Germany, in Izmir, Turkey, and in Rota, Spain.  Our only son was born in Heidelberg.  Upon returning to the States, we settled in Alice, Texas, where I taught for twenty-one years. 


Bark:  My husband died when my son Jeff was ten years old, and I have been single ever since.  Although being a single parent was hard, I became a stronger, more independent person.


Branches: I moved to Weatherford because my son and his wife, who live in Hurst, had a baby, and I wanted to play granny!  Katie and Knox are the joys of my life, and I love being near them.  Katie is 15 and Knox 12.


Nest:  When I moved to North Texas, I built a new home between Weatherford and Mineral Wells. I have enjoyed my years at Mineral Wells High School, and I look forward to getting to know all of you better as the year goes on.