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Welcome to Mineral Wells Rams Baseball!
Team Motto
Control What You Can Control, "Attitude and Effort"
Team Philosophy
The Mineral Wells High School Baseball program holds itself to the highest standard of high school athletics. Our team philosophy is based on having success through doing things, in all aspects of high school baseball, the right way. Our coaching staff and players will work together in an honest, goal oriented and progressive environment, where we are continuously striving for greatness. Being a part of this program, you inherit a responsibility to maintain a hardworking and focused mentality, which is reflected through academics and on-field success. As a program, we accept nothing less than 100% effort at all times in everything we do.
Mineral Wells High School Baseball is about being a part of something bigger than yourself. Our team members must have a sense of selflessness and the willingness to do whatever it takes to better the team. Mineral Wells High School is a family and our baseball team will be the heart and soul of that family. In order to take this great High School in the right direction, we must be willing to represent the institution at all times. We must understand that we will face adversities and tribulations, and we will stick together and learn every day from our experiences. Team will come before self.
Our team will develop trust by continuously working on this trait. We will establish trust by holding each other accountable for our actions, and with that accountability we will ensure that our team will be there to support each other at all times. Our brotherhood does not start and end at the baseball field, rather it will be recognized at all times.
Through our preparation, Ram Baseball will bring a confidence of expecting to win every single game. Our legacy will not be written if our results are not worth writing about. Winning in life is truly what we want to do, baseball is the game of life and we must find a way to win at it.
Goals of RAM Baseball

1. The program will be an encourager and motivator of all players to excel in the classroom. Academics and Baseball are not separate, they go hand in hand. Our coaching staff will strive to encourage all players to give their best effort in the classroom. We will take on the role of a reminder to turn in work promptly, and make sure that work is a quality product. We will adhere to a policy of “No Zeros Allowed”. If students turn in their work on time and stay organized, their success in the classroom will take care of itself.

2. Play at a level of effort, intensity, aggression and perseverance that our opponents cannot endure.

3. Through the Baseball experience, we want to develop the whole person. We are here to grow as athletes, but more importantly as young men of ethics and values. Players will learn to be encouragers. They will learn to be more accountable and responsible. They will learn to be positive about each day, their school, their community and their country. They will learn the influence they have on the younger generation and use this influence in a positive manner.

4. Have fun. Baseball is a game to be enjoyed. To be enjoyed it must be done correctly. Once learned correctly, there is nothing more fun. The player will give his best physical and mental effort, and once he has done that, everything else will take care of itself.

5. Learn the nature of baseball. Between the white lines, we expect the most intense, physically aggressive people on the field. We expect perfect gentlemen off the field.
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