Assistant Principal Jeff Williams


Hometown: Raised and Graduated High School in Big Lake, Texas.


Residence: Mineral Wells since 2000


Teaching History: I graduated from Texas A&M to become a park ranger or a game warden but found my love in teaching.  I have always enjoyed instructing others and teaching about the action/reactions.  Physics and science or no different than teaching, each revolves around the energy put into a system (students) and the outcome from that initial input (energized learning).  I taught in Crosbyton and Ralls Texas before moving to Mineral Wells in 2000. I taught Chemistry and Physics at the MWHS for 14 years, before becoming an assistant principal at MWJH. 


 I was inducted into MWHS “Apple Corps Excellence in Teaching” 2014 and have been blessed work with students who have crossed my doorways.   I arrive at school each day knowing I might “Make Someone’s Day” and to influence someone else’s outcome for the better! Whether educating students about physics or explaining how life is the world we make of it, each day is always exciting for me.  I wish to teach students that my love and excitement for education can also be theirs. 


Parents and Siblings: 

Both my parents are retired educators.  My mother taught 2nd and 3rd grades for over 25 years.  My father was a metal shop teacher for 30+ years.  They joked with my brothers and I to never go into education.  Two of us now teach school and the third is married to a teacher. One brother is a County Commissioner in Mills County and my second brother is an Ag teacher for the TYC.  He is married to an elementary teacher in Dawson TX.



Graduated College Texas A&M with a B.S. in Wildlife Ecology (Yes, I am a Full Blooded Maroon Aggie)

            Masters Degree in Educational Administration from Tarleton State University


Married with Children: 

I met my wife while attending Tarleton State University and we married in 1995. Jolene, is a counselor at Travis Elementary and taught math prior to that.  My wife and I have two wonderful children, Kylie and Brandon. Our lives revolve around raising our children to strive towards their greatest potentials and to live Christian lives by helping others.  We have spent the last couple of summers traveling across the nation visiting the amazing sites of our countries historical monuments such as Mt. Rushmore, the St. Louis Arch, and the South Dakota Badlands. We find it fun to travel together, learn about history, and camp in some of the nation’s breathtaking landscapes. 




Teaching Physics

The Outdoors: Camping, hiking, hunting, Fishing and etc.



Raising my two children

Spending time teaching/helping others excel in their interest

Mission Work

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Assistant Principal
Jeff Williams