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Dual Credit Opportunities

Dual Credit Introduction from Dr. Sarah Lock

Mineral Wells High School is proud to partner with Weatherford College to offer dual credit opportunities for our students.

Below, you will find step-by-step videos on how to complete the Weatherford College application as well as videos demonstrating how to register for courses. Before completing your application, it is important that you meet with your school counselor to discuss available dual credit courses and how these courses will factor into your personal graduation plan. 

1. Apply to Weatherford College

Complete the Coyote Recruit admissions application. Please note:

  • You must first create a Coyote Recruit account, then complete the application.
  • You will need to use your personal email, not a school or work email.
  • You will receive notifications of missing or received items in your Coyote Recruit account.
  • You will be issued a WC login, email, and student ID number, AFTER all required documents are received.

2. Submit a Transcript (if applicable)

Neither a high school transcript nor a Weatherford College transcript is needed for admission. 

Transcripts needed from other colleges previously attended for dual credit (if applicable):

  • Unofficial COLLEGE TRANSCRIPTS for any dual credit at other colleges will need to be uploaded to Coyote Recruit when you complete your application. An official is required before you can register for the next term. This ensures you have necessary pre-requisite courses and that you do not enroll in a duplicate course at WC.
  • OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS from these colleges, with your final current semester grades, are required before you can register for the next term. Official transcripts may be sent electronically, brought to student services, or mailed to:

Weatherford College Student Services
225 College Park Drive
Weatherford TX 76086

*An official transcript is sent from another institution to Weatherford College directly via mail or electronically through a transcript service. If hand delivered, it must be sealed in an envelope from your previous institution. The semester prior to the student’s attendance at Weatherford College must be graded – courses should not read ‘in progress’. Future semesters are not reviewed.

3. Complete Placement Testing

Placement scores will need to be uploaded to your Coyote Recruit application.

All academic-transfer dual credit students must pass the ELAR portion of the TSIA2 Assessment or its equivalent (e.g., SAT, ACT, etc.). Some courses (e.g., MATH, BIOL 1406/1407) also require a passing math score.

Technical dual credit courses do not require TSIA2 scores. Check with your counselor regarding college readiness eligibility.

  • COMPLETE PLACEMENT TESTING (if required): SAT or ACT scores may qualify for testing exemption; upload scores for review to Coyote Recruit
  • If you did not take the SAT or ACT, additional testing is needed.
  • Schedule to take the TSIA2.
    • Mineral Wells High School proudly administers the TSIA2 exam several times each semester. To register for the TSIA2, please contact Ms. Hernandez in the GO Center or at The cost for this test is $25. 
    • The TSIA2 can also be taken at one of the Weatherford College Testing Centers by registering online.

4. Enroll in Classes with Weatherford College

Your high school counselor completes your high school schedule; it is your responsibility to register with Weatherford College. You can enroll, pay, and check your records in your Coyote Connect student portal.

  • Once ALL required documents are received you will receive your admissions email containing your student email, student ID number, and log-in information.
  • Please contact Tech Services (817-598-6364) or the dual credit office (817-598-6458) if you have any trouble with your login.

5. Make Payments or Set Up Payment Plans

Pay tuition and fees by the Payment Deadline for each semester. Paying attention to these deadlines ensures that you are not dropped for non-payment. You are responsible for all payments, regardless of forthcoming financial aid or scholarships. 

These can be arranged online through your Coyote Connect student portal by clicking the Student Finance tab. Payments in full can also be made at your local WC Educational Center (cash, check, credit card) or by calling the WC Business office (credit/debit card only) at 817-598-6265.

  • DUAL CREDIT ONLY: If you would like to be considered for a need-based Dual Enrollment Grant (DEG), please fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA, available through the financial aid office). Eligible students may be awarded up to 6 hours of in-district tuition each fall and spring semester to cover tuition costs for dual credit classes. The grant does not cover lab fees or textbooks.

Early enrollment students must maintain a minimum grade of a “C” or higher in each course in order to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and /or to remain currently enrolled. Not maintaining SAP may impact financial aid eligibility after high school graduation.

6. Purchase or Rent Textbooks

Purchase or rent textbooks. These are required for all WC courses. Textbooks can be purchased or rented in person or by phone at:

Day One Access is a textbook program by which the student is charged a reduced fee for an eBook, which is automatically added to their tuition. They will have access to the book on the first day of class in the course’s Canvas classroom. If the course utilizes Day One Access, there will be a small, green circle, with a dollar sign in it next to the course name in the course catalog during registration. If you have questions regarding Day One Access or would like to opt out, please contact the bookstore at 817-598-6286.

7. Request Accommodations

Students who would like to request accommodations under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) should contact the WC Accommodations and Disabilities office: or 817-598-6350.

  • Please note that these accommodations may not be the same accommodations afforded to you under the IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) laws that are used at the high school level.
  • You may obtain documents for accommodations from the WC Disabilities and Accommodations office or from your high school counselor.
  • You may fill out the dual credit accommodation forms and return to with appropriate documentation.

8. Final Steps

    • Must be sent to Weatherford College once you graduate from high school. An official transcript must include your date of graduation. Please have your high school submit this directly to WC.
    • If you are going to attend another college. You may request them online and they will be sent electronically.  We will not be able to release your Weatherford College transcript until we have your official high school transcript on file.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Dual Credit, as defined by The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, is when an eligible high school student enrolls in college course(s) and receives credit for the course(s) from both the college and the high school. Dual credit courses may be taught on the high school campus by an approved instructor or virtually through the college's Learning Management System (LMS). Dual credit courses include both academic and technical courses.
    • Students will receive college credit and high school credit simultaneously
    • Students can graduate from high school with transferable college credits
    • Students can fast‐track their undergraduate or workforce degrees
    • Student may save on tuition and fees by reducing the time to complete a degree
    • Students will have access to a full range of college student support services while in high school to aid them in a smooth transition to college after graduation
    • Dual credit courses offered at Mineral Wells High School are offered face-to-face and taught by qualified teachers who meet the requirements from both Mineral Wells High School as well as Weatherford College to teach the course.
    • Dual credit courses are also offered virtually through Weatherford College's LMS. 
    • The cost for dual credit courses vary from year-to-year. For the most recent cost, please contact the Weatherford College Business Office at 817-598-6265.
    • You will need to meet with Ms. Hernandez ASAP. After meeting with Ms. Hernandez, you will need to meet with your school counselor so that you may receive a schedule change.
    • For a complete list of dual credit courses that MWHS offers, please contact your school counselor or Ms. Hernandez in the GO Center.
    • Taking, and passing, dual credit courses can improve your GPA. Dual credit courses count for an additional 13 GPA points. For more information on this, please contact your school counselor. 
    • The Texas Success Initiative (TSIA2 test) is required for any student planning to enroll in a public two-year college, four-year university, or technical school. The cost for the test is $25.