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Course Descriptions

Mathematics Course Descriptions

Algebra I   
Credit: 1.0   Prerequisite:  None

This course is the first year of algebra and provides a foundation for high-level mathematics courses.  Topics covered include signed number, integer exponents, solving equations, systems of two linear equations in two unknowns, graphs, ratio, percent, and scientific notation.  An emphasis will be placed on functional relationships and problem-solving in real situations.

Algebra I Honors   
Credit: 1.0   Prerequisite:  None

This course includes the entire regular Algebra I course with an expanded curriculum on “real world” applications.

Algebra II   
Credit:  1.0   Prerequisite:  Algebra I

This is a traditional study of the second year of algebra.  It includes a study of polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic functions, and the relationship between algebra and geometry.

Algebra II Honors   Credit:  1.0   Prerequisite:  Algebra I; Geometry; Must meet Honors criteria.

This course includes the entire regular Algebra II course with extensions in the areas of probability, trigonometry functions, and triangle problems with emphasis “real world” applications.

Credit:  1.0   Prerequisite:  Algebra I

This course will emphasize the study of geometric figures of zero to three dimensions and relationships between them.  Students will study properties and relationships having to do with size, shape, locations, directions, and orientation of these figures.  Geometry will connect to algebra and to the world outside of school through a variety of applications and settings.

Geometry Honors   
Credit:  1.0   Prerequisite:  Algebra I;  Must meet Honors criteria

This is an in-depth study of the topics included in geometry such as the study of geometric figures and relationships, constructions, and formal proofs.

Algebraic Reasoning   
Credit:  1.0   Prerequisite:  Algebra I

Algebraic Reasoning lays a conceptual groundwork so that, in subsequent courses such as Algebra 2, students understand what a topic represents and can dig deeper into algebraic methods and procedures.  Some of the concepts include analyzing patterns and functions, function operations, matrices and data modeling.

Honors PreCalculus   
Credit:  1.0   Prerequisite:  Algebra II; Geometry

This class will be a full year offering that will cover the fundamentals of trigonometry and elementary analysis as well as prepare the student for calculus.  Students who are interested in a science or mathematics college curriculum should take this class.

Credit:  1.0   Prerequisite:  Algebra II

The course provides instruction in exploring data, sampling, experimentation, anticipating patterns, and statistical inference.  The course teaches students how to communicate methods, results and interpretations using the vocabulary of statistics.  This course is recommended for students entering the medical field as statistics has become a core requirement for many universities.

AP Calculus AB   
Credit:  1.0   Prerequisite:   Algebra II; Pre-Calculus

This is a course in introductory calculus with elementary functions.  This course is intended for students who have a thorough knowledge of college preparatory mathematics, including algebra, axiomatic geometry, trigonometry, and analytical geometry (rectangle and polar coordinates, equations and graphs, lines, and conics).

College Algebra, Dual Credit   
Credit:  0.5+College   Prerequisite:  Algebra II; Special Requirements

This course covers quadratic equations, graphs, functions, systems of equations, matrices and determinants, theory of equations, inequalities, ratios and proportions, variations, sequences and series, and the binomial theorem.  Students can receive dual college and high school credit for this course.  Each student is responsible for the college tuition fee and may be required to purchase college materials.

Contemporary Math, Dual Credit   
Credit: 0.5 + College   Prerequisite:  Algebra II; Special Requirements

College Statistics, Dual Credit   
Credit: 0.5 + College   Prerequisite:  Algebra II; Special Requirements